25 Songs-25 Days – Day 9: A song that makes you hopeful

Hmmm… Day 9 of the 25 songs in 25 days challenge, and I have to share a song that makes me hopeful.

An interesting challenge in and of itself – you see, the music I tend to listen to is threaded deep with melancholy, and often leaning to the darker side of human experience. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not morbid or fatalistic

[if anything, I’d say I’m a romantic optimist!]

I just tend to like music that hooks something deep within my energy – it shows up in my books, and I’ve come to realize that it’s part of my heart energy, the longing for connection, the good of human beings being together.

So, I’m having to dig deep to think of a song that strikes me as hopeful because I don’t often register that emotion with songs. It needs to be a song that hooks my very best belief of what it is to live with hope.


Yeah. It’s this one.

Of course.

Everything’s all right.

Because, baby, life’s what you make it.

Vince Sig 131x89



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