25 Songs-25 Days – Day 11: A song on the soundtrack of your favourite movie

Favourite? Again – oh dear, 25 songs in 25 days challenge, you really do seem fixated on singularities

[are you dating? It might help]

For once, I know exactly what song I’m sharing as soon as I read the title. I like a LOT of movies very much, many of them from a time when music companies weren’t placing songs for return. I own a number of soundtrack records, where there are no vocals, just extended, and short pieces of music.

[Just for the record, I really, really wanted to share Forever Autumn from Jeff Wayne’s War Of The Worlds, but it wasn’t a movie – except in the listener’s head]

The love theme from Zefferelli’s Romeo & Juliette – definitely.

[recognize the motif, younger readers?]

The theme from Love Story – definitely.

Theme from Local Hero – of course.

See? Not songs per se, but great all the same.

Still, today’s category talks about my favourite film, not my favourite song from a film. That’s a key difference.

So I’m sharing this song because I remember the original visceral experience of seeing the film, and of the scene where the song appears – the absolute perfection of music, visual and story arc. It’s a film I go back to and back to and back to – finding both the new and the familiar each time. I can quote it line for line, yet still be amazed by the dialogue and undercurrents.

But in the end it’s that moment – that single moment where everything melds.

But what do I know? I’m not allowed to talk about it…

[that’s a great version, Black Francis guesting with Placebo]

Vince Sig 131x89


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