It’s been five years…

Well, it seems that Christmas Eve is here again – the tree is up, prezzies underneath, food ready for the cooking – and I’m looking forward to time spent in love with my beautiful ladies.

Today is special for me in another way, though. Five years ago today was my last day worked at Pfizer, my last day employed by anyone other than myself, my last day of that corporate shape I inhabited for nearly 20 years

[though it would take a further 10 months of detox to complete that particular journey]

and it’s got me kind of reflective on who, what, where, when, how and why…

These five years have passed very quickly – a reflection, I think, of my will to live my portfolio life. I’d always pictured myself as a plate spinner, all those plates on top of their poles, and me dancing from one to the next, giving it a little spin to keep the momentum up; to make sure nothing crashed to the ground.

That’s pretty much how life works now, and I know it would drive some people crazy trying to keep so many things going; for me, it’s my natural state. I get bored otherwise

[and there are few things worse than finding me in a slump]

Five years…

I’ve got stuff done for sure, and know I’ll get more stuff done in the years to come. But when I think of the last five years, it’s less about work and more about who I’ve become

[and continue to become]

  • A son thankful to still have his parents around, and for the solid ground that his sister and brother provide
  • A father mesmerized by his daughters’ journey through life
  • A husband who continues to be amazed by the beauty and soul of his wife
  • A martial artist living his black-belt principles in all he does
  • A musician who still finds the wonder in wire and wood, melody and harmonics
  • A lover in the widest sense of the word, blessed by everyone he knows and cares for

And my corporate shape? To him, I say “thank you”. For getting me here. For protecting me enough that I didn’t get subsumed. For never forgetting that I had a choice, that I always knew I was making a compromise.  Though he’s five years in the rear-view mirror, I can still see him

[and feel him every once in a while, mostly when working with clients who look and sound so similar]

I don’t fear him any more, nor judge him to harshly. I don’t resent stolen time, nor wish I could go back and try again. He is who I was then, not who I am now, nor who I will be five years from now.

And that’s why life is so cool.


Vince Sig 131x89


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