Journalists wanted

Last night, news anchors seemed genuinely surprised

[nay, shocked!]

that the Paris terrorists may have been part of a larger cell of


up to 6 people. At the same time, the undertone of Islamic terrorists being uncivilized heathens

[wait… how do they use computers when we’ve bombed them back to the stone age?!!]

I honestly was doing double-take after double-take as the pieces rolled by.

The narrative of the lone shooter, the crazed jihadist, the shoe bomber… Such a hollywood stereotype.

IRA, Baader Meinhof, Black September, ETA – these were/are organized, committed armies ready to use whatever weapons were/are at their disposal to advance their strategic objectives.

How I wish we had journalists involved in news now – you know, those folk who search out facts, illuminate context, learn from history…


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