Subconscious, luck or intuition?

I was just checking in on iTunes to see whether Grope was now available

[it is, now sitting proudly alongside Sparse]

and, for the first time, I looked at both covers side by side:

Record CoversIt may just be me that sees it, but the physical orientation of my body and guitar on Grope mirrors the branches on Sparse pretty closely. Do you see it?

The two photos are completely unrelated.

The branches on Sparse are in my back yard, captured on a very cold day while mixing the record. The cropping was thanks to Rob Edmonds, who designed the front cover, and overall graphic concept for the record.

The saturated picture of me on Grope was taken by a friend, Pam Strollo, while I played at an Anne Castellano & The Smoke

[new EP ‘Bridge To Nowhere’ just being released]

gig – it’s from a much wider angle picture, but the cropping happened when I uploaded that picture as my header at and, as soon as I saw what their process had done, I just knew it was the Grope cover.

Processing the two covers happened a couple of years apart, so there was no conscious effort to make them similar in any way. And yet here we are: subconscious, luck or intuition?


Vince Sig 131x89



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