Something of a milestone… I guess

My post a couple of days ago – Cognitive Dissonances: I love great music… – was my 500th here at

It’s a milestone, I guess, and another sign of those two words I just posted about

Keep going

Though I’d been blogging for many years as my corporate alter-ego, BadConsultant

[who is officially drinking a margarita on his private retirement island, though was kind enough to leave his knowledge management database for our use]

I started the blog here as I began to transition out of my corporate shape, knowing that writing, music, philosophy and life journey were all going to need an outlet.

My first post was in January 2009, almost to the day that I decided to leave my employer of nearly 20 years

[though my exit didn’t happen until nearly a year later]

and, even though it was a Coming Soon post, it’s interesting that I wrote

What do I know about this blog? I know that I want (and intend) it to be a place for anyone to come to get rejuvenated, strengthened and set better to handle tomorrow than they were to handle today.

6 years later, it seems that’s still what I aspire to offer. Which is comforting

[to me at least]

and I hope you find at least some of those benefits from reading my stuff.

I actually didn’t get posting for real until mid-2010, as I entered the physical, mental, spiritual detox phase of reshaping myself.  In those early posts, I see my self-enquiry, I see the battle I went through to re-establish my identity

[to myself more than anyone else]

I don’t often look back, so am often surprised to see what I’ve written about myself and my life. It’s fairly recent history, and I was surprised how some of the scar tissue is still sensitive today.

If 500 posts is truly a milestone, then I should really do some milestone-y type stuff:

  • 500 posts
  • Ave. 111 posts per year
  • Ave. 1 post every 3 days

[much higher than it feels sometimes]

  • Around 14,000 views
  • Ave. 28 views per post

[a stat that’s pretty consistent across the years, whether I posted more or less in a given period]

All of which makes me feel… what is it? Good? Happy? I don’t know, really. I know that the blog has been a fairly constant way for me to reflect on what’s happening with me and my life, to test some of my art, and keep you updated on where projects are going.

Somehow, along the way

[bear in mind, I’m still surprised and humbled to find anyone reading my stuff, even more so if they enjoy it]

I’ve welcomed around 300 subscribers. Thank you for being here, for reading and listening, you have my love!

Aside from the stats above, it’s interesting to see the number of visitors per year increasing over time, and the number of Likes per year increasing alongside. Hopefully, such trends will continue, and open the door to more comments/discussion – the one area upon which I thrive – and am saddened doesn’t happen so often here

[a function of my decision not to post about click-bait type subjects, I guess]

One thing is clear from reviewing the journey – when I write, people read. When I write more, more people read more.

[that’s a lot of more!]

So, I guess I’ll just

Keep going

Here’s to the next 500 and beyond – I’ll see you on the page!


Vince Sig 131x89


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