Stay or move forward? I say Keep Going

It happened again. I caught myself in Facebook messenger, typing

Keep going

this time to encourage someone to continue pursuing the spark of poetry kindling in their heart.

A couple of weeks ago, it was to reinforce a young song-writer in her decision to begin journaling as a route to lyrical release.

Last year, it was to support a friend while her partner was in long-term hospitalization

[something our family knows a bit about]

Before that, it was as I opened my heart to a friend carrying the loss of their child so heavily in their shoulders and down-turned face.

Before that… Before that… Before that…

Keep going

Each time, knowing I meant it; mean it. There is one thing I will always offer to the world: the encouragement for folk to keep putting one foot in front of the other, take a step forward no matter how hard.

Sometimes it’s through a hug, sometimes through the speaking of hard truths, sometimes through offering the open space that allows the flood to come forth.

Keep going

These two words thread through my experience as an artist, professional, father, husband, son, coach, mentor… Through life in all its infinite patterns

[it’s why I do what I do at]

These two words that sat within me throughout my broken hand years. That kept me sane when the compromise of my corporate shape threatened to break me. That helped me find love, peace and trust in the embrace of family and friends.

Keep going

In each moment, we face the decision: stay or move forward?

Of course, the world – embodied in our hyperbolic media, self-serving politicians, power-hungry military-industrial-elite – wants us frozen in place, fearful of daring even open our eyes to a path forward. Closer to home, those who love us too often hold us back for fear we may fall, that we may become lost to them; their love becoming the barrier to the step.

The deck is stacked against us, yet decide we must: stay or move forward?

While I may be a drop in a very large ocean, I am a commitment to these two words, and all they imply

Keep going, keep going, keep going


Vince Sig 131x89


3 thoughts on “Stay or move forward? I say Keep Going

  1. We keep going because we must; we breath, we see, we feel, we experience constantly. It is only the mind that thinks we can do otherwise. The underlying, true question is “Am I participating directly or being dragged along?”


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