Old songs: Together

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While I work on the new record, which will include a number of brand new tunes, as well as proper versions of several demos, I’ve found myself warming up on the acoustic, singing old, old songs of mine.

As with Grope, it’s interesting to sing these now, a quarter of a century after they were written; my head, heart, soul and fingers are different, and find interesting spaces in each song.

That said, I know these songs for what they are: early sketches from my song-writing self. For this reason, they’ll likely never end up formally recorded for release. So I decided to capture them on iPhone and share them here

[under the Monkey68 name, so as not to confuse things]

First up, Together. This was originally a poem

[which now makes up the chorus/refrain]

to which I added verses for you and I context. Together is pretty much my manifesto for the heart, and my offering to the world.

Musically, the song was in a much higher key originally

[which may have been due to my younger larynx, though to be honest, it was hard to sing even at the time]

but bringing it down to this key helps me sing it more fully.  As with many of the songs from that time, Together also sees me playing with major/minor shifts – an aspect of my song-writing that still shows up today.

Together – Vincent Tuckwood

So you’ve come around
Asking if I can help you
pick up the pieces
Remains of you
lying shattered
on the ground
Let’s put you back together

So I hit the ground
and I reach out
Will I find you there?
My hand made strong
by your own
Lifted up I stand
Take my place beside you
We’re together

And the small, small people
who attempt to rule your life
They have no right
They have no right
So let us just ignore them
They’ll turn around
when they realise
they’ve lost the fight
And you will stand up proud
and find your life is turned around
I will be beside you
I’ll offer you a hand
Together we will stand
arranged against the clouds
We’ll fight the coming storm
and find an end to torment
Just you and I
Just you and I


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