Old songs: Truth Told

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Truth Told was written around 1991, and is possibly the most bitter song I’ve ever written.

Musically, the song was spurred on by those three discordant chords that repeat throughout the verse – chords that have gone on to be used in several songs since – it’s essentially a blues progression, though difficult to tell on first listen. Lots of drone strings, mainly because I was in the depths of my broken hand days.

Lyrically, I know who and what it’s written about. You don’t

[and it’s likely you’ll guess very, very wrong 🙂 ]

Truth Told – Vincent Tuckwood

This is what your pressure
feels like to me
This is how it feels
when you press your point home
when you give me all these questions
you have no right to ask
when you tell me of your demands
and rules, oh God your rules!

I  made no promises
I took no oaths
I didn’t really want you
just the physical release
I knew it temporary
I should have lied this time
I should have walked out long ago
One year soon flew by

Now I’ve got to open
my thoughts to you
and let you know the truth
of how I’ve come
to hate everything you do
how even the sound of your laughter
makes me want to be brutal
how even your smile
be brutal, hit you, be brutal

You, you should know
you mean nothing to me
my love’s a show
You, you need to realize
it’s easy, oh so easy for me
to despise you
it’s easy to despise you


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