Odd Songs & Old Songs: Open And Here

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Open And Here was written about a decade ago, recorded a couple of times in demo form, as well as performed live with my then-band, Monkey68. It’s still one of my favourite original songs, though I seldom play it out live any more, and doubt very much it will be recorded more formally.

I think I like it more for the process of the writing than the song itself. I recorded the music a long time before I had the lyrics. As ever, I listened to the no-vocals version over and again in the car scat-singing along.

Once I turned my attention to words, I got the chorus pretty quickly, and thought it was going to be another of my intravert against the world meditations. Little did I know that, visiting a local Starbucks, this story of post-marital dysfunction would emerge, literally as I pulled into the car park, I sang the first line along with the backing track

You gave chance a last glance
as he walked out of the bedroom

It was springboard enough, I found my protagonist and narrator

[her ex- who is tired of lending his shoulder to her post-coital remorse]

All in all, I still love the lyric, but just love others more for the recording right now.

Open And Here – Vincent Tuckwood

You gave chance a last glance
as he walked out of the bedroom
This is how all flirtations should end
Turning on your side
Got just enough light to guide you
This is how you’re feeling
Don’t pretend

Turning up this evening
with that wasted smile on your face
“Have you got a minute made for me”
Sitting on the sofa
with your legs curled up beneath you
“You make me feel guilty
here’s my plea”

“This makes me feel worthless
this makes me lower than the dirt
Empty grieving silence hurts so bad”
Well, I’ve heard a million verses
while you’ve play-acted the chorus
You made your decisions
named your terms

So what do you want me to say?
I have spoken
What do you want me to do?
I have offered
What do you want me to feel?
I am open
What do you want me to be?
I am here

I am here


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