Getting the band back together

Last night was our third practice with the new line-up of Monkey68

[Craig and I are pleased to welcome Trevor Chandonnait aboard]

and things are gelling really, really quickly, mainly because:

  • Craig has been playing with me for a couple of years
  • Trevor has a great feel to his drumming, and he and Craig are already locking together
  • We are playing in a pocket directly shaped for and by my songs

There’s also the fact that we are a bunch of old… erm… older dudes making music – dudes who have learned the critical skill of listening to what each other are playing. We’re old enough to appreciate constructive feedback, and collaborate to the best of the performance/song.

This line-up feels good. REALLY good.

[which is saying something, given how much I enjoyed playing with Tony, Pete and Patrick in previous iterations of the band]

Even at practice 3, I would have gigged what we played last night just as it was; seriously looking forward to how tight we’re going to become over the next weeks/months. As I near completion of the new record

[did I mention that?]

it’s also cool to hear those songs tried and tested with the band. I’m leaning towards, maybe, adding an extra player in at some point in the future

[keys – electric piano and Hammond]

though the core trio is my focus first and foremost.

Last night got hot and humid in the practice room, here’s a picture of as we were getting underway – and before the sweat started condensing on the walls!


If you zoom in, you’ll see me in the mirror behind Trevor – so it’s officially a trio shot šŸ™‚

Stay tuned for updates here, or even better join us at Facebook.


Vince Sig 131x89


Songs we’re working on so far:

Wish-list, or coming soon!



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