Life Before Death: Overcoming the Fear of Death Through Postmortem Photography

So incredibly moving.

I remember Nan, a couple of weeks before she died, asleep in her room, fading away, a look of perfect rest on her face. It was the last time I saw her – a bittersweet memory.

To sleep, perchance to dream…

The Post-Mortem Post

 German photographer Walter Schels and journalist Beate Lakotta set out to dispell their shared fear of death by photographing terminally ill people perimortem and postmortem in the series “Life Before Death”. Beate Lakotta and Walter Schel have been married for over twenty years; Schel is 30 years her senior. The two are well-aware Schels will most likely die long before Lakotta, an event which they both fear. Walter Schels grew up near Munich, Germany during the final years of World War II; His own home was bombed as a child and he saw many victims of the air raids. He said the horrors he witnessed in childhood caused him to spawn a deep fear of death, “I was afraid of death and coffins my whole life and I avoided seeing any dead bodies, even those of my parents.”. In order to find subjects willing to participate in the project, the…

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