Want to get things done?

In my other life, I’m very happy to be a consultant and coach to some cool clients

[any chance I get to help people, teams and organizations get better at what they do, I’ll take it!]

Much of my work is face-to-face, and video/tele-con based, though I also get my fair share of off-line stuff to do. For the past little while, I’ve been using Writers Flow – Music For Writing as a musical backdrop to my working hours

[as well as for writing, its specific intended use]

and can confirm that it’s really, really good for that too!

I just sent out a revised statement of work, written and finalized while Old Soul played in the background

[in fact, it’s just coming to an end as I write this]

and the time and thoughts just flew – it’s a fascinating feeling to fall into sub-conscious thought so easily, connecting dots and advancing ideas so cleanly. Long may it continue!

Fancy getting yourself 75 minutes of focus and productivity?

Buy Writers Flow


Vince Sig 131x89


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