About a song: She Says She’s from Turquoise Cyan Sapphire

The chords and melody for She Says She’s arrived at the about the same time as its sister track on Turquoise Cyan Sapphire, 50 Reasons. They both share a typical minor blues opening progression but then veer away from the traditional form

[to spice things up for myself and the listener]

I’d tried both chord sequences out at Common Ground Open Mic, so had a feel for the tempo and swing that each needed. As it turned out, She Says She’s was pretty much a first take pass when it came to recording.

It is, you’ll note, a cyclic song, looping the chord sequence over and again, save a for a small respite in the middle 8 breakdown.

In the guitar parts, there’s a nod to The Edge of U2; in the solo, a little dash of both Peter Green and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Those who have heard an early demo for my song Open And Here will also recognize a very healthy dose of pure Vince T, though – particularly in the chorused guitar that starts with the singing, and the dark rhythm part that kicks in on the final chorus.

Lyrically, I’m not going to say much, save for the fact that as a father of two daughters, who are both growing up independently-minded and with the encouragement to stand in their own space

[much like their beautiful, strong mother]

I am growing increasingly appalled at attitudes to women here in the US

[though I know it’s not a phenomenon limited to this country only]

and the lyrics originally started with me scat singing

She says she’s going down

and from there, it pretty quickly became a concept song: the seed of the abuse done to one woman, is the same seed of societal abuse of all women, is the same seed of human abuse of our mother, this beautiful, fragile planet. And despite each of these short-sighted, vicious relationships

… through it all, she says she wants to heal him…

I give you She Says She’s.

Love – peace – trust

Vince Sig 131x89


She says she’s going down
Says that she can take no more
She says she sees the writing
When she’s face down on the floor
She says that when he hurts her
It’s not just his fists that hit
She says she’s feeling lonely
She says she’s getting used to it

She says he’s got his rules
She says he tells her right from wrong
She says he demands quiet
She says she’s silencing her song

She turns away before the tears can fall
She looks away then I hear her whisper
That through it all

She says she wants to heal him
She says she wants to heal him
She thinks that she can heal him
Well I’m not sure

She says she’s going down
Says she’s nothing left to give
She says he’ll keep on taking
She says this rape it knows no end

She turns away before the tears can fall
She walks away back to him
And i’m not sure

From Turquoise Cyan Sapphire, released 28 July 2015
Instruments, voice – Vincent TuckwoodWritten, performed, mixed and mastered by Vincent Tuckwood at Monkey68 studios, CT, USA.

All rights reserved, Vincent Tuckwood – 2015.


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