About a song: Just Love from Turquoise Cyan Sapphire

Just Love is the sixth track on Turquoise Cyan Sapphire, my record of “nearly blues”.

Though this record saw me revisiting some older material

[as I did on Grope]

there are several completely new songs written while tracking the record, and Just Love is one of them. It arrived while noodling on my Cole Clark Angel in my dining room, which is rapidly becoming a songwriting hub for me

[ley lines, I think]

the first couplet providing the entry point to what I knew wanted to be an innocent, simple song which might just as well have been written and recorded in the 1950s.

Musically, I let myself completely explore classic rock-and-roll textures – most notably in the slapback echo of the rhythm guitars. Though I didn’t consciously bring it in on recording, I hear something of Buddy Holly‘s rhythm playing in the song. On the other hand, the solo is my heavily modified Gibson Les Paul in its out-of-phase setting, and a definite nod to Peter Green.

Several songs on TCS see me exploring my lower vocal range – I’m not as comfortable in baritone as I am in tenor – but I think it works here

[otherwise I wouldn’t have had it one the record!]

and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by reactions to my playing it live.

Lyrically? Well, it’s love, just love, just love.

So, there you have it: Just Love.

Vince Sig 131x89


Let your knees shake
Let your heart break
Let it break

Let your blood flow
When it wants to
Let it flow

Let yourself go
Down the wormhole
Down you go

Yes, you’ll know
When it hits you
When it hits

It’s love
Just love
Just love

All it takes is one step then the next
To the beat of the rhythm in your chest

From Turquoise Cyan Sapphire, released 28 July 2015
Instruments, voice – Vincent TuckwoodWritten, performed, mixed and mastered by Vincent Tuckwood at Monkey68 studios, CT, USA.

All rights reserved, Vincent Tuckwood – 2015.


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