Is there anybody out there?

The reality for most independent musicians is that each record is a commercial still-birth by any reasonable measure; people just don’t prioritize the purchase of music

[I don’t know that they ever did at the local level]

and perversely that seems even more the case with people we love and who love us – while I often give people free copies of stuff, very few of the people I know have ever purchased one of my books or records

[those that have are a blessing for sure – and have my love]

I gave away any and all expectations as to commercial success when I released Grope, and have maintained that stance with Writer’s Flow and Turquoise Cyan Sapphire. I feel better for having done so, and find I’m better able to enjoy the music I’ve released without the internal dialogue of commercial judgement.

Does that mean I’m immune to self-doubt? No way. The sense that

no-one’s listening

is ever-present, as it has been since I first started telling stories. And that voice can be very, VERY loud sometimes.

Right now though, I’m in a good space – lots of projects on the move – more beginning to emerge from the deep well of my subconscious. And I am lucky to have a day job that keeps food on the table.

I am a commitment to produce and promote great music.

Yet I have friends who are putting their heart and soul into producing GREAT music

[and, yes, #IBuyMusic]

who are suffering greatly from the manifest apathy of their audience, both known and unknown. I wish there were some way for me to change this, but aside from sharing their music and urging others’ to buy, I don’t know what else I can do to move the reality we all face.

I’m not someone who does well with intractable problems – and I wrestle with this one every day – any and all ideas welcome 🙂


Vince Sig 131x89



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