Escalation (2011)

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Shocked by the violent beating of their popular high-school quarterback, a small New England town immediately calls for justice, and for police chief Jack Baker to restore order.

Caught in the political spiral of the town elders and their ten-cent dictator, first selectman Mason, Baker has no choice but to place one of his most trusted officers, Charlene Goodlow, in the school.

As Baker manages the ‘grown-ups’ of the town, Charlene soon finds that she is regressing, her own long-buried high school anxieties returning to gnaw at her.

Increasingly isolated and frightened, Charlene finds herself at the corner of a vicious triangle of lust and animosity. As the violence and tension escalate, she slips further down the rabbit-hole, until she is left with a teenage boy in the sights of her police issue revolver and the singular decision of whether or not she will pull the trigger.

Escalation is a fast-paced work of contemporary fiction, deeply rooted in the darkest of unintended consequences.



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